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Inquiry #1: The 2010 Std Spec philosophy is that work that is required for the job, despite not being included in the bid form, needs to be priced into the job. That is my understanding from the recent Caltrans training I attended. These chipseal jobs normally include specs for brooming of the seal coat surface. The SPs for this job did not include a spec for brooming. I assume the brooming is required on this job but have some questions:
1. Where should the cost of the brooming be put?
2. What type of brooming is required, ie kick brooms or self contained pickup brooms?
3. Do the excess chips need to be picked up and disposed of offsite or can they be left on the roadside?

Inquiry submitted 02/20/2013

Response #1: 2/21/13: Your inquiry is under review. Please note that due to the current time frame between the inquiry submittal and the bid opening date, a response may not be provided before the bid opening. If a response is not provided before the bid opening addressing your concern, please bid per the current contract documents. Thank you for your patience.
Response posted 02/21/2013

Response #2:2/22/13: Your question is under review. An addendum is under consideration. Unless an addendum is issued addressing your concern, please bid per the current contract documents.
Response posted 02/22/2013

Response #3: 3/7/13: Your inquiry is still under review. Thank you for your patience.
Response posted 03/07/2013

Response #4:3/14/13:
[1] Brooming is required under section 37-2.03I, Seal Coat Maintenance, of the Standard Specifications. Placement of cost is up to each bidder.
[2] Equipment for brooming is to comply with section 37-2.03B(1), General, of the Standard Specifications. Refer in particular to Article 3.
[3] Excess chips (screenings) are disposed of as required in section 37-2.03H(1), General, of the Standard Specifications. Please refer in particular, to paragraphs 5 and 6.

Response posted 03/14/2013

The information provided in the responses to bidder inquiries is not a waiver of Section 2-1.03, “Examination of Plans, Specifications, Contract, and Site of Work,” of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with the contract. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may change a previous response.