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Inquiry #1: The specifications do not seem to line up with the project. No discussion of the rock slope protection and discussion of deck treatment, concrete work and paving and electrical work.

Please advise.

Inquiry submitted 10/09/2013

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 10/14/2013

Response #2:The work is entirely done under the bridge with Rock Slope Protection in the wash. There is NO "deck treatment, concrete work, paving or electrical work".
Response posted 10/23/2013

Inquiry #2: During the construction of this project is the only way to access to the work zone by getting off the west bound I-40 ramp and driving into the site on along the north side of the freeway?

Does the west bound I-40 ramp remain closed only during working hours, or can we close it at the beginning of the job and reopen only when the the project is complete?

Inquiry submitted 10/14/2013

Response #1:submitted forConsideration
Response posted 10/23/2013

Response #2:Please refer to Addendum # 1 issued on October 23, 2013
Response posted 10/24/2013

Inquiry #3: Where does the new 500 ft. Type BW, 5 Strand Fence go? It does not show it on the plans. Bid Item 23
Inquiry submitted 10/23/2013

Response #1:Submitted for consideration
Response posted 10/24/2013

Response #2:Please refer to Addendum # 2 issued November 01, 2013.
Response posted 11/05/2013

Inquiry #4: Did Caltrans postpone the Bid Opening Date for this Project?
Inquiry submitted 10/24/2013

Response #1:Yes. Addendum # 1 issued on October 23, 2013 postponed the Bid Opening Date until Thursday, November 07, 2013.
Response posted 10/24/2013

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