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Inquiry #1: This is our first time bidding with CALTRANS, I downloaded the bid documents online. Could please specify which bid forms need to be submitted at the time of bid?


Inquiry submitted 05/28/2013

Response #1:Please go to the following internet address: and click on "How to Submit a Response Bid".

Response posted 05/28/2013

Inquiry #2: Plan sheets 17, 18, 21, 27-32 go into detail on the temporary wood pole installations. Instead, I don't understand why I couldn't just temp. the existing poles, on adapter plates, to match the new bolt circles of the new foundations, until the new poles come in. It that an option? Since the temp wood poles are going in the exact location as the new foundations, wouldn't they have to be temped for 7 days anyway? Am I missing something? Sorry for the late inquiry.


Inquiry submitted 06/19/2013

Response #1:Temp wood poles are not going in exact same location as new foundation, bid as per plan.
Response posted 06/19/2013

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