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Inquiry #1: You require a 15" STUD on the end Soldier Pile of each Retaining Wall. They do not make a stud gun that can handle a 15" stud nor are 15" studs available. Can we piggy-back a 7" & 8" stud in lieu of 15" stud?
Inquiry submitted 09/26/2013

Response #1:Please bid per current contract documents.
Response posted 09/27/2013

Inquiry #2: Is a "good faith effort" required for this project?
Inquiry submitted 10/08/2013

Response #1:YES.
Response posted 10/08/2013

Inquiry #3: We attempted to visit the site today but the refinery refused to let us in even escorted. How do we make arrangements to enter the refinery so we may see the prescibed haul routes, overhead clearances and room to perform the construction?
Inquiry submitted 10/09/2013

Response #1:Please contact Bill (William) A. Kuhns at 310 -522-6475 or 310-522-4836 and make an appointment to see the project site using the "Routes to the Job site" that was stated in the LICENSE AGREEMENT between CALTRANS and TESORO effective June 27, 2013. Please mention this license aggreement to Bill Kuhns when making appointments.
Response posted 10/09/2013

Inquiry #4: We noticed from the street that on the north side of Highway 1, for a distance of approximately 300 linear feet, there is an overhead power line directly over the proposed H-Pile installation. Has Caltrans made arrangements for this power line to be remove prior to construction? Although the Contractor couild make and pay for the removal, Edison is saying it may take up to 6 months to remove this line.
Inquiry submitted 10/09/2013

Response #1:Per Utility Plans and Specs, Power Poles and Power Lines that are affected during construction within the work area should be relocated before construction begins.
Response posted 10/09/2013

Inquiry #5: What are the liquidated damages for this project?
Inquiry submitted 10/10/2013

Response #1:Please refer to the Table in Section 8-1.10, "Liquidated Damages" of the 2010 Standard Specifications (Page 106 ).
Response posted 10/10/2013

Inquiry #6: Does a contractor need a California State Contractors Hazmat License to perform any of the work on this project?
Inquiry submitted 10/10/2013

Response #1:No, no such license required.
Response posted 10/11/2013

Inquiry #7: There is a Railroad line that runs between walls 519, 520, 521. Is there an agreement between the RR & State that states the requirements to work in the RR Right-of-way?
Inquiry submitted 10/15/2013

Response #1:No; However, there will be fence along the Rail Road Right of way so that there's no work or debris that will go to the rail road tracks.
Response posted 10/15/2013

Inquiry #8: What's the height of the Chain Link Railing on Construction Details C-2? Also, do we need to use vinyl coated chain link fabric on the Temporary Chain Link Railing too or can we just use galvanized fabric? Thanks
Inquiry submitted 10/17/2013

Response #1:The Height of the Chain link Railing on C-2 is about 8 ft plus the barbed wire, For the materials, please bid on this item per project plans and specs.
Response posted 10/17/2013

Inquiry #9: Q#1 - On Sht 15 of 50 @ RW #521 note# 32 - "Utility cabinets to be relocated, see road plan", Does the contractor relocate these and if so, please give direction as to what needs to be done.

Q#2 - Sht 29 of 50 @ Plan view, shows "Existing hydrant to be relocated, see road plans" Does the contractor relocate this and if so, please give direction as to what needs to be done.

Inquiry submitted 10/17/2013

Response #1:Please bid for these two items per project plans and specs for Relocating Existing Utilities; and also these two utilities are owned by Tesoro Oil Company.
Response posted 10/18/2013

Inquiry #10: refer - Section 49 Piling (sht 29, has "add section 49-1.03" outlining pile location and conditions. Under conditions it states "contaminated materials, caving soils, groundwater".
Question#1 - How is the disposal of the pile drilling spoils to be paid for, since they are contaminated.
Question#2 - What information is available concerning the contaminated spoils that will be generated.

Inquiry submitted 10/22/2013

Response #1:#1 - Please bid per current contract documents. Refer to Section 9-1.03, 3rd paragraph of the Revised Standard Specifications, full compensation is for all work involved specified by the description.

#2 - Please bid per current contract documents. Refer to Section 2-1.06B "Supplemental Project Information" of the special provisions.

Response posted 10/23/2013

Inquiry #11: On drawing 29 of 50, it says to relocate both the "Fire Protection Manifold" and "Fire Hydrant" "See Roadway Plans". There are no Roadway plans and none of the other drawings indicate any relocation of these two items. If they are to be relocated please provide additional information as to their relocation.
Inquiry submitted 10/22/2013

Response #1:Please bid per project plans and contract documents for "Relocating Utilities". All Utilities to be removed and relocate will be relocated inside the Temporary Construction Easement (TCE).
Response posted 10/23/2013

Inquiry #12: Is the 8% DBE participation goal a mandatory minimum?
Inquiry submitted 11/06/2013

Response #1:YES.
Response posted 11/06/2013

The information provided in the responses to bidder inquiries is not a waiver of Section 2-1.07, “JOB SITE AND DOCUMENT EXAMINATION” of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with the contract. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may change a previous response.