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Inquiry #1: Can you please provide a lay-out and detail for Item #84 - Chain Link Railing (Type 7 Modified), need to know what was modified from the Standard Plan B11-52. Thanks
Inquiry submitted 06/20/2014

Response #1:The modification to Standard Plan B11-25 is the type of barrier that the Chain Link Railing is attached to. In the Standard Plan it’s a type 26, in our project it’s concrete barrier type 60.
Response posted 06/20/2014

Inquiry #2: In section 40-5.02A, why is volumetric proportioning not allowed?
Inquiry submitted 06/23/2014

Response #1:Please Bid per Specifications.
Response posted 06/24/2014

Inquiry #3: To follow up on Response #1, therefore there's no modification on the chain link railing itself, correct? Also, it's B11-52 and not B11-25, correct?
Inquiry submitted 06/24/2014

Response #1:Correct, no modification to railing. Standard Plan # B11-52.

Response posted 06/24/2014

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