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Inquiry #1: Looking for clarification on line item 62/pre construction surveys as per section 73-3.01C. Does the preconstruction survey need to be preformed while the contractors concrete forms are in place or can it be preformed prior to construction begining.
Inquiry submitted 05/30/2014

Response #1:The preconstruction survey can be performed prior to having the concrete forms in place.

Response posted 05/30/2014

Inquiry #2: Bid Item #36 - Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement - RSC on page 150 it does not allow the use of volumetric mixers, but on bid item #39 it allows the use. The same mix could be used on each application so why not allow the volumetric mixers to be used on each bid item?
Inquiry submitted 06/10/2014

Response #1:
Response posted 06/10/2014

Response #2:Please follow provisions. For JPCP-RSC, volumetric mixers is not allowed whereas it is for ISR-RSC.
Response posted 06/10/2014

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