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Inquiry #1: What closure chart do we use for Location 19?
Chart 34 allows 1 through traffic lane in each direction but there is only one lane of traffic in each direction. How do we perform the work?

Inquiry submitted 05/15/2014

Response #1:For Location 19 use Chart #30. Follow Chart 34. Please refer to plan sheet no. 26 for further clarification.

Response posted 05/16/2014

Inquiry #2: Page 50 of Special Provisions, Section 59, "PAINTING":

"Submit proof of each required SSPC-QP certification as specified in section 8-1.04C..."

What is Section 8-1.04C? It appears as 'reserved' in Standard Specifications. No mention of it anywhere else.

Inquiry submitted 05/19/2014

Response #1:Please bid per the current contract documents.
Response posted 05/20/2014

Inquiry #3: 1. What is the height of Waterproof steel casing?
2. Is the concrete column portion only to be waterproofed prior to installation of metal column casing?

Inquiry submitted 05/21/2014

Response #1:1. 5 ft from top of footing to the FG and then 4 ft above FG for a total length of 9 ft.
2. Yes. Just apply asphalt membrane waterproofing to portion receiving the steel casing. Note 6 is confusing.

Response posted 05/21/2014

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