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Plan Layout sheets, Quantity Chart for Concrete Barrier (Q-1), and details on C-3 are not in agreement for Types 736B MOD and 736 MOD locations and stations. How is the Concrete Barrier, Type 736 MOD to be paid?

Inquiry submitted 02/07/2014

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 02/07/2014

Response #2:Construct 736B Modified where 736 Modified is shown. Payment will be made at item price for 736B Modified.
Response posted 02/10/2014

Inquiry #2: Bid item #49 - 10" Welded Steel Pipe Conduit, appears to be new installation. The summary of quantities, sheet 24 of 74, is in accord with this item. However, irrigation plan sheet IP-1 and IP-4, sheet 39 and 42 respectively, show the 10" WSP Conduit as existing. Please clarify.
Inquiry submitted 02/11/2014

Response #1:The installation of the irrigation conduits are shown on the Layouts Sheets.
Response posted 02/11/2014

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