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Inquiry #1: Q1) The 'Notice to Bidders' indicates this is a Cost + Time bid. What is the value for cost per day, "B"? This value is missing from the Bid Book.

Q2) Special Provision page 34, Section 59 Painting, Section 59-2.01C(2) is replaced with, "Submit proof of each required SSPC-QP certification for painting joint seal assemblies as specified in section 8-1.04C. Required certifications are as follows: 1. AISC-420-10-SSPC-QP3 (Enclosed Shop)"

- Why does a SSPC QP3 cert apply to the joint seal assemblies? These are furnished galvanized and are not shop primed. Is this meant for the miscellaneous metal (bridge) keeper plate?

-Since section 59-2.01C(2) is "Mandatory SSPC-QP Certifications", is the QP3 certificate due at any time prior to contract award? Or is it submitted with the QP1 and QP2 in the PQWP after award?

- What does section 8-1.04C "Delayed Start", have to do with SSPC submittals? It is 'reserved' in the standard specs. It is absent from the special provisions and the RSS. Pointing to this bare specification section does nothing but add confusion.

Inquiry submitted 05/08/2014

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 05/09/2014

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