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Inquiry #1: Are cross sections available for this project?
Inquiry submitted 09/11/2014

Response #1:Download from the link below:
Response posted 09/15/2014

Inquiry #2: Please re-post link to cross sections for bidder use
Inquiry submitted 09/15/2014

Response #1:Thank you. Link revised.
Response posted 09/16/2014

Inquiry #3: Are these soldier piles scheduled to be zinc coated only or is it the intention of the specifications to provide exterior grade latex finish coats as defined in the 2010 CalTrans Standard Specifications, Section 59-2, Table 1?
Inquiry submitted 09/17/2014

Response #1:Page 39 of the special provision states: “Clean and paint steel soldier piling consists of dry blast cleaning and painting steel soldier piles with inorganic zinc primer undercoat before placing piles into the drilled holes.” This page also states: “Where shown, clean and paint steel soldier piling under the specifications for new structural steel in Section 59-2.“

On the project plans Sheet 77 of 82 which shows the “Limits of Clean and Paint Steel Soldier Piling” which states “Undercoat on all pile surfaces” and the length is shown on the “Typical Section”. No limits are shown on the plans for a finish coat (latex coat).

In the Revised Standard Specifications (RSS) Section 59-2.03C(2)(a), see the “Zinc Coating System” table (page 299of 335 in the special provisions) that shows undercoat, finish coat and (below the table) final coat. For this project the Contractor is to undercoat the piles with inorganic zinc primer undercoat, as well as a final coat of inorganic zinc primer.

Response posted 09/19/2014

Inquiry #4: What is the "For Time" Item that has been added in at the bottom of the bid sheet supposed to cover? What is supposed to be included in the cost per day of $3200?

Inquiry submitted 10/02/2014

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 10/03/2014

Response #2:B Portion of the Bid.
Response posted 10/06/2014

Inquiry #5: Can you be more specific to what the "B portion of the bid" is? Can you give a reference to the plans or specs disclosing what portion of work this item is supposed to cover?
Inquiry submitted 10/07/2014

Response #1:$3200 is used to convert your No. of Days Bid into a Dollar figure and then along with your cost is used to compare Bids.

There is a Syntax Error in the original Bid Book, the $3200.00 replaces the Syntax Error.
Response posted 10/09/2014

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