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Inquiry #1: In regards to bid item # 42, Modify Pump Plant Top Slab.

How is the Rebar paid for?
How is the Access Door & Frame Paid for?
Are asbuilt drawing availalbe of the pump plant sump?
What is the flow rate for the pump plant?

Inquiry submitted 09/02/2014

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 09/02/2014

Response #2:The rebar, access door and frame are included in the bid item Modify Pump Plant Top Slab.

The capacity of the pump station is 352 gpm. Estimated dry weather flows and peak wet weather flows are 764 gpm and 903 gpm, respectively.

Asbuilt for the Pump station can be downloaded below:
Response posted 09/04/2014

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