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Soil and Rock Logging Manual, Classification, and Presentation Manual

Current Version of the Manual:

Previous Version of the Manual:

LOTB Legend and Border Sheets:

Revisions to the Manual:

Staff must post requests for modifications on the Caltrans Geotechnical Services Discussion Board.

The request for modification must include at least the following information:

  • Name of requestor
  • Office
  • Manual Section Number
  • Description of Proposed Change
  • Discussion of Reason or Need for the Proposed Change

External partners may propose modifications by contacting Chris Risden at (510) 622-8757.


Caltrans SPT Hammer Energy Ratios (ERi):

Software Resources:

For users of gINT version 8 or higher, the library and template files based upon the current Soil and Rock Logging, Classification, and Presentation Manual can be downloaded here.