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Triaxial – Unconsolidated Undrained

Test Method

ASTM Designation: D 2850, “Standard Test Method for Unconsolidated-Undrained Triaxial Compression Test on Cohesive Soils”

Summary of Test Method

This test method covers determination of the strength and stress-strain relationships of a cylindrical specimen of either undisturbed or remolded cohesive soil. Specimens are subjected to a confining fluid pressure in a triaxial chamber. No drainage of the specimen is permitted during the test. The specimen is sheared in compression without drainage at a constant rate of axial deformation.

In this test method, the compressive strength of a soil is determined in terms of the total stress, therefore, the resulting strength depends on the pressure developed in the pore fluid during loading. In this test method, fluid flow is not permitted from or into the soil specimen as the load is applied, therefore the resulting pore pressure, and hence strength, differs from that developed in the case where drainage can occur.

If the test specimens are 100 % saturated, consolidation cannot occur when the confining pressure is applied nor during the shear portion of the test since drainage is not permitted. Therefore, if several specimens of the same material are tested, and if they are all at approximately the same water content and void ratio when they are tested, they will have approximately the same undrained shear strength. The Mohr failure envelope will usually be a horizontal straight line over the entire range of confining stresses applied to the specimens if the specimens are fully saturated.

If the test specimens are partially saturated or compacted specimens, where the degree of saturation is less than 100 %, consolidation may occur when the confining pressure is applied and during shear, even though drainage is not permitted. Therefore, if several partially saturated specimens of the same material are tested at different confining stresses, they will not have the same undrained shear strength. Thus, the Mohr failure envelope for unconsolidated undrained triaxial tests on partially saturated soils is usually curved.

The unconsolidated undrained triaxial strength is applicable to situations where the loads are assumed to take place so rapidly that there is insufficient time for the induced pore-water pressure to dissipate and for consolidation to occur during the loading period.

Minimum Sample Size

Undisturbed Sample: 1 Tube (1 lb)
Remolded Sample: 2 Canvas Bags (80 lb)

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