California Department of Transportation


Geotechnical Manual

The Geotechnical Manual documents the Department’s standards of practice for geotechnical investigations, design, reporting, quality management, and other geotechnical business practices.  Geotechnical Services staff and consultants performing work on behalf of the Department must adhere to the procedures in the Geotechnical Manual.

Introduction   June 2012
Geotechnical Manual Program Delivery Plan   December 2013
Quality Management Program   May 2012
Project Management   June 2013
Geotechnical Archive   May 2013
Consultant Oversight   August 2013
Communication and Reporting   September 2014
  January 2009
  May 2013
  January 2006
  April 2013
Preliminary Investigations   January 2013
Geotechnical Drilling   June 2012
  May 2014
Borehole Location   March 2012
Soil and Rock Logging and LOTB Drafting   May 2013
Geophysical Services   November 2014
Geotechnical Instrumentation   November 2014
Laboratory Testing   September 2010
Standard Plan Designs   November 2010
Soil Correlations   March 2014
ARS Online   January 2013
Fault Rupture   October 2014
Standard Plan Overhead and Changeable Message Signs   October 2014
Sound Walls   July 2010
Rock Cut Slope Design   June 2013
Rockfall   July 2014
Ground Improvement   October 2014
Geosynthetics   June 2013

A discussion forum titled Geotechnical Manual has been placed on the GS Discussion Board for staff to post their questions or comments for improvements.