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California Test Methods (CTM)

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101 August 1, 2012 Method of Operation and Calibration of the Mechanical Compactor Contact
102 July 1, 2013 Mechanics, Operation, Calibration, and Diaphragm Installation of the Stabilometer Contact
103 Multiple Versions Method of Test for Calibration of Expansion Pressure Devices Contact
104 Multiple Versions Method of Test for Operation and Calibration of the Electronically Controlled Compactor Contact
105 Multiple Versions Calculations Pertaining to Gradings and Specific Gravities Contact
106 Multiple Versions Definitions of Terms Relating to Specific Gravity Contact
107 December 1, 1995 Method of Operation of the Mechanical Spader Contact
109 Multiple Versions Method for Testing of Material Production Plants Contact
110 Multiple Versions Method of Calibration of Compaction Test Equipment Contact
111 Multiple Versions Method of Developing Density and Moisture Calibration Tables for the Nuclear Gauge Contact
112 Multiple Versions Method for Installation and Use of Embankment Settlement Devices Contact
113 - Method for Evaluating the Capabilities of Asphalt Concrete Compactors (Test method is deleted. No longer applicable to current construction practice) Contact
114 August 1, 2012 Method for Calibration of the California Portable Skid Tester Contact
115 Multiple Versions Method of Calibration of Pressure Type Air Meters Contact
120 -

Criteria for Selection of Permeable Materials (Test method is currently inactive - refer to contact for further information)

121 March 1, 2000 Administrative Instructions for Use of Nuclear Gauges Contact
125 Multiple Versions Method of Test for Sampling Highway Materials and Products Used in the Roadway Structural Sections Contact
130 - Geotechnical Design Reports and Materials Reports (Test method being deleted; refer to Geotechnical Manual and guidance documents from Pavements Branch for report guidelines.)