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Office of Roadway Materials Testing

Lab Procedures

LLP-AC1 Sample Preparation Design and Testing for LA-710-Long-Life
LLP-AC2 Sample Preparation and Testing for Long Life HMA Pavements
Revised procedure for use in District 04 Longlife project and the proposed Bella Diddy project in District 02
TM-UCBPRC 99-2 Mix Design and Analysis and Structural Design for Full Depth Pavement for I-Route 710
TM-UCB PRC 99-3 Overlay Design for Cracked Seated Pavement LA 710
LP-1 Determination of Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity of Mixtures with Different Asphalt Contents
LP-2 Determination of the Voids in Mineral Aggregate
LP-3 Determination of the Voids Filled with Asphalt
LP-4 Determination of Dust Proportion
LP-5 Liquid Anti-Strip Mix Design
LP-6 Dry Lime on Damp Aggregate Mix Design
LP-7 Lime Slurry Marination Mix Design
LP-8 Method of Test for Determining the Percent of Emulsified Recycling Agent to Use for Cold Recycling of Asphalt Concrete
LP-9 Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) using up to 15% Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement
LP-9 Worksheet Worksheet for Computing Laboratory Batch Weights for HMA Mixtures Containing RAP
LP-10 Sampling and Testing Crumb Rubber Modifier
LP-11 Rotational Viscosity Measurement of Asphalt Rubber Binder
LP-12 Method for Determining Foaming Characteristics of Hot Bitumen

All Lab Procedures are in Adobe PDF format.  Adobe PDF The Acrobat Reader, which is required to view these documents, can be downloaded directly from Adobe's software site.

The California Department of Transportation publishes the California Test Methods (CTM's). Click on the link to view these test methods.

California Test Methods