California Department of Transportation
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Office of Structural Materials

The Office of Structural Materials (OSM) inspects various structural materials used on the State's highways and bridges. The Office tests materials and conducts evaluations of new products and processes. The responsible Branches within OSM are:

The Quality Assurance and Source Inspection Branch does source inspection of miscellaneous items and fabricated products such as steel girders, concrete girders and welded sign structures used on the State highway system. The branch includes Structural Material Representatives that work with the Caltran's inspectors, Resident Engineers and Structure Representatives and contractors to assure materials are inspected and resolve related issues. The branch also administers various Facility Audit requirements.

Prestressing Strands in a concrete girder
Welded  connections in Light Poles
Welded splices for Steel Piles
Prestressing steel in a concrete girder
Welded connections in light poles
Welded connection for steel piles

The Structural Materials Testing Branch tests products that include reinforcing and prestressing steel, elastomeric bearing pads, prestress anchorage systems, seismic bearings and restrainers, steel plates and rebar coupling systems. The branch has available universal testing machines capable of tension, compression and cyclic loads of one to one million pounds force.