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On September 15, 1999, California Assembly Bill No. 685 was signed into law and added Section 4460 to the Government Code of California. This law directs the California Department of General Services, Division of the State Architect (DSA), to create an independent entity evaluation and certification program for detectable warnings and directional surfaces installed after January 1, 2001. The program is to ensure that such products conform to the architectural design standards as set forth in the California Building Standards Code and meet durability and degradation criteria yet to be determined. For additional information, please visit the Division of the State Architect website.

Until DSA’s evaluation program is fully operational, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will accept prefabricated detectable warning products through the New Products Evaluation process. Detectable warning products must be consistent with the DSA bulletin Exception to the Independent Entity Evaluation and Product Approval of Detectable Warnings and Directional Surfaces.

A New Product Submittal Package (NPSP) must be submitted for each new product (one NPSP per new product) and must include the following items:

  1. New Product Submittal Form (NPSF), with appropriate signatures.
  2. Product literature:
    • Brochure
    • Detailed product drawings
    • Installation instructions (must include required personal protective equipment as stated on the Material Safety Data Sheet)
    • Manufacturer warranty
    • Available colors
  3. Test Data:
      A product sample no less than 6” x 6” and no greater than 24” x 24” must be submitted for evaluation.
      Caltrans will base its evaluation on the following:
      • Compliance with the 5 year warranty requirement per the DSA bulletin above
      • Compliance with the detectable warning surface dome geometry per Standard Plan A88A
           (Note: The 48 inch wide product is acceptable on the 4'-2" wide curb ramp)
      • Compliance with the yellow color requirement per Federal Standard 595, Color No.33538
      • Compliance with the prefabricated detectable warning surface requirements per section 73 of the California Standard Specifications
  4. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). This type of product may require handling by Caltrans employees; therefore, the MSDS will be forwarded to the Office of Health and Safety Services for review and acceptance. NOTE: For the protection of Caltrans employees, Material Safety Data Sheets that do not list the new product ingredients or components will be rejected.
  5. Quality control plan, if product utilizes recycled materials.
  6. Contact list, if applicable, identifying other entities that have utilized the product.
  7. Other pertinent information.

Incomplete New Product Submittal Packages will not be considered and will be discarded after 30 days.

Starting on October 6, 2014, all submissions must be electronic, and submitted to the New Product email address. No Mailed Submittals will be accepted. E-mail completed New Product Submittal Package to

If you have questions regarding the submittal of your product,
please contact the New Products Desk at: or (916) 227-7073.



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