California Department of Transportation


Sales to Other Government Agencies

photo of sales yard

Caltrans, Division of Equipment, under a delegation granted by the Department of General Services, Office of Fleet Administration, disposes of surplus vehicles and equipment. Disposal may be by public auction, sealed bid sale, and reutilization to other agencies, as outlined in the State Administrative Manual, Chapters 4111 and 4112, and the Office of Fleet Administrations State Fleet Handbook (STD.59).

Prior to public sale, vehicles and equipment are available to other agencies with the following priority:

  • Other state agencies
  • Cities, counties, and other tax entities

Agencies or Departments that wish to purchase surplus vehicles or equipment from Caltrans may do so by forwarding a request on agency letterhead or a "Reutilization Program Request Form" to the Office of Fleet Administration, 802 Q Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 Forms may be obtained from Office of Fleet Administration or from Caltrans Surplus Sales, P.O. Box 160048, Sacramento, CA 95816

After the agency is recognized as a government entity and approved to participate in the Reutilization Program by the Office of Fleet Administration, they may contact Caltrans. For availability of vehicles and equipment contact Surplus Sales at (916) 227-9682 or via Email at

Caltrans Surplus Sales will inform the entity of the availability, condition, and location of requested equipment and make arrangements for the items to be inspected. If the agency wishes to purchase the unit, Surplus Sales will set the price and will request that a purchase order be issued.

Prices will be fair market value set by Caltrans Surplus Sales, based on the current wholesale value or using Caltrans public auction data. All purchases by other agencies will be approved by the Assistant Chief of Inspection Services, Office of Fleet Administration.

All equipment offered through the Reutilization Program is sold "as is, where is". There are no warranties expressed or implied, adjustments, repairs, refunds or exchanges. Purchase documents must be in the form of a typed Purchase Order or Agency Check. Title and sale documents will be furnished at the time of delivery. The purchaser is responsible for obtaining smog certificate. Mobile equipment is to be registered within ten days of sale or delivery.