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Last Updated: Tuesday, October 17, 2017 9:38 AM

Documents And reports

NEPA Assignment Talking Points

Quarterly Reports

Monitoring requirements in both the 23 USC 326 CE Assignment and 23 USC 327 NEPA Assignment MOUs require Caltrans to report twice a year to FHWA. For 23 USC 327 NEPA Assignment, Caltrans must provide the FHWA California Division a report every six months that lists any approvals and decisions Caltrans has made with respect to its responsibilities under part 3 of the MOU. The 23 USC 326 CE Assignment MOU requires Caltrans to provide a list of Categorical Exclusion (CE) determinations that it approves in each fiscal quarter.

FHWA Audits

Under the 23 USC 327 NEPA Assignment MOU, pursuant to MAP-21, FHWA audits are no longer required, however, SAFETEA-LU required that FHWA audit Caltrans' performance under the Pilot Program twice a year for the first two years of the Pilot Program, and once a year thereafter to ensure that Caltrans is meeting federal requirements. Once the audit was complete, FHWA posted the draft audit report to the Federal Register for public comment. After the comment period closed and FHWA responded to comments, the final audit report was posted to the Federal Register.


FHWA CE Monitoring Review Report

SAFETEA-LU requires that FHWA monitor Caltrans' performance under the CE assignment program. Monitoring occurs approximately every 15 months and includes Caltrans District visits with interviews of Caltrans staff and project file reviews.

Reports to the Legislature

Fact Sheets (2006-2007)

Caltrans posts NEPA Delegation Notes fact sheets as they are available.