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Transportation Pooled Fund Study -

Structural Acoustic Analysis of Piles Solicitation Number 946 (ExpireD March 31, 2006)

Federal Highways Administration is soliciting participation from state transportation agencies, federal agencies, municipalities or metropolitan planning organizations, colleges/universities, or private organizations that are interested in committing funds or other resources to conduct the research, planning, and technology transfer activity for the above study. Caltrans is a committed participant in this pooled-fund study.

The study’s objectives are:

  1. To investigate how modifications in pile materials, pile shape, hammer characteristics, the nature of the substratum into which the pile is driven, water depth, the depth to which the pile is driven into the substratum, the load-bearing objective of the pile and other variables influence the properties of noise generated during pile driving.
  2. To develop and validate acoustical source models of pile driving based on pile materials, pile shape, hammer characteristics and other variables.
  3. To develop and validate sound field models of the effects of sound attenuation systems on the sound field close to piles. This includes defining the limits of the near field for different physical conditions (that is, size and shape of pile, depth of water, wavelengths of interest).
  4. Develop guidance for DOT's and other entities to select appropriate materials, methods and noise reduction strategies for pile driving projects.
  5. To identify additional ranked research topics necessary to address regulatory or other concerns as necessary to adequately address practical application solutions.

Scope of Work: A technical committee of representatives from participating organizations will identify common research needs, select projects for funding and oversee implementation of results.

Visit the Transportation Pooled Fund Program webpage to view a full copy of the solicitation proposal.

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