Divison of Construction

Construction Procedure Directives (CPDs)

List of Eliminated Construction Procedure Directives

CPD Number
Supplemental Information
CPD 16-7 Shortage of Material—Fly Ash [pdf] 05/24/2016  
CPD 16-6 Guardrail End Terminal Inspection [pdf] 05/11/2016 Attachment: Division of Maintenance Memorandum, “Maintenance Assistance on Quality Assurance Reviews for Guardrail and Guardrail End Treatments,” dated April 22, 2016
CPD 16-5 Rebates for Reducing Water Usage [pdf] 05/3/2016  
CPD 16-4

Authorization to Proceed for Ordered Extra Work [pdf]



CPD 16-3

Extra Work Bill Review [pdf]



CPD 16-2

Pavement Smoothness Data Submittal [pdf]



CPD 16-1

Bidder Inquiries [pdf]



CPD 15-5

Water Conservation — Implementation of Caltrans’ 2015 Drought Action Plan Commitments [pdf]


Attachment 1: Sample Change Order Memorandum—Delay Highway Planting

Attachment 2: Sample Change Order—Delay Highway Planting

Attachment 3: Sample Change Order Memorandum—Delete Highway Planting

Attachment 4: Sample Change Order—Delete Highway Planting

Attachment 5: FHWA Form 358(c), “Record of Blanket Prior Approval for Major Contract Change Order”—Delay Highway Planting

Attachment 6: FHWA Form 358(c), “Record of Blanket Prior Approval for Major Contract Change Order”—Delete Highway Planting

CPD 15-4 Recycled Water Usage for Landscaping [pdf] 12/1/2015

Attachment 1: Sign S28(CA) “USING RECYCLED WATER” details

Attachment 2: Sample Change Order Memorandum for Recycled Water Information Signs

Attachment 3: Sample Change Order for Recycled Water Information Signs

Attachment 4: FHWA Form 358(c), “Record of Blanket Prior Approval for Major Contract Change Order”


CPD 15-3 Proper Charging for Stormwater Contract Administration Work [pdf] 5/28/2015


CPD 15-2 Final Materials Certification Form [pdf] 5/26/2015


CPD 15-1 Stormwater Program—Construction Compliance Evaluation Plan [pdf] 3/25/2015


CPD 14-11 Advance Ramp Meter Control Signal Signs [pdf] 12/30/2014

Attachment 1: Sample Form CEM-4900, “Change Order”
Attachment 2: Sample Form CEM-4903, “Change Order Memorandum”
Attachment 3: FHWA Form CA-358(c), “Record of Blanket Prior Approval for Major Contract Change Order”

CPD 14-10 Suspension of the ET-Plus, ET-Plus 31, ET-2000 Plus, and ET-2000 [pdf] 11/14/2014

Attachment: Traffic Operations Memorandum, “Suspension of the ET-Plus, ET-Plus 31, ET-2000 Plus, and ET-2000, dated November 14, 2014

CPD 14-9 Flagging Instuction Handbook [pdf] 10/29/2014


CPD 14-8 Portable Transverse Rumble Strips [pdf] 10/29/2014

Attachment: Traffic Operations Memorandum, “Implementation of Portable Transverse Rumble Strips,” dated September 18, 2014

CPD 14-7 Modification and Reduction of Construction Projects Stormwater Monitoring and Inspection Forms [pdf] 08/25/2014


CPD 14-6 Guidance for the Work Breakdown Structure and Workplan Standards Guide [pdf] 07/10/2014


CPD 14-5 Construction Resource Estimating Norms [pdf] 07/10/2014


CPD 14-4 Coefficient of Friction Testing on Bridge Deck Methacrylate Resin Treatments and Polyester Concrete Overlays [pdf] 06/17/2014

Attachment 1: Sample Change Order Memorandum (Bridge Deck Methacrylate Resin Treatment)
Attachment 2: Sample Change Order (Bridge Deck Methacrylate Resin Treatment)

Attachment 3: FHWA Form CA-358(c), “Record of Blanket Approval for Major Contract Change Order” (Bridge Deck Methacrylate Resin Treatment)

Attachment 4: Sample Change Order Memorandum (Polyester Concrete Overlay)
Attachment 5: Sample Change Order (Polyester Concrete Overlay)
Attachment 6: FHWA Form CA-358(c), “Record of Blanket Approval for Major Contract Change Order” (Polyester Concrete Overlay)

CPD 14-3 Temporary Pedestrian Facilities Updates [pdf] 06/17/2014  
CPD 14-2 Code of Safe Practices [pdf] 04/10/2014 Supersedes CPD 10-11
CPD 14-1 Water Conservation [pdf] 03/04/2014
CPD 13-10 Implementation of Automated Machine Guidance for Ongoing Projects [pdf] 11/12/2013
CPD 13-9 Construction Records Retention and Storage [pdf] 10/24/2013  
CPD 13-8 Contractor Option to use Inertial Profiler to Determine Pavement Smoothness [pdf] 09/23/2013
CPD 13-7 Seed Samples for Erosion Control Work [pdf] 09/18/2013 Supersedes CPD 07-3 and CPD 12-1
CPD 13-6 Local Agency Fees, Permits, and Services [pdf] 08/05/2013  
CPD 13-5 Contractor Option to use up to 25 Percent Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Hot Mix Asphalt [pdf] 08/02/2013
CPD 13-4 Hot Mix Asphalt Optimum Bitumen Content Based on Total Weight of the Mix [pdf] 07/15/2013
CPD 13-3 Construction Support Planning, Managing, and Charging Practices [pdf] 06/04/2013  
CPD 13-2 Release of Revised Standard Plan RSP B11-47, "Cable Railing" [pdf] 04/19/2013
CPD 13-1 Salvaged or Surplus Material [pdf] 04/19/2013
CPD 12-2 Contractor Option for Use of Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies in Hot Mix Asphalt [pdf] 06/07/2012
CPD11-5 Construction General Permit Training [pdf] 12/28/2011  
CPD11-4 Smoothness Specification Requirements for Thin Hot Mix Asphalt Overlays [pdf] 10/28/2011
CPD11-3 Use of the California Highway Patrol in Construction Work Zones [pdf] 08/24/2011  
CPD11-2 Grandfathered Risk Level 1 Projects [pdf] 07/22/2011
CPD11-1 ADA Requirements for Temporary Pedestrian Facilities [pdf] 04/05/2011 Temporary Pedestrian Facilities Handbook
CPD10-14 Relative Mortar Strength of Fine Aggregate [pdf] 11/30/2010
CPD10-13 Revised Implementation of Traffic Operations Policy Directive 09 - 06 [pdf] 10/28/2010
CPD10-12 Interviews with Contractor Personnel [pdf] 09/09/2010  
CPD10-8 Stem to Deck Construction Joint [pdf] 08/12/2010
CPD10-7 Supplemental G-12 Funds Request Memorandum-Signature Change [pdf] 07/16/2010
CPD10-5 Adding Water to Concrete in the Field [pdf] 06/24/2010
CPD10-1 Small Business Utilization Report Pilot Program Extension [pdf] 02/25/2010  
CPD 09-13 Variance for Aerially Deposited Lead [pdf] 10/23/2009
CPD 09-11 Equipment Rental Rates Effective October 1, 2009 [pdf] 09/28/2009  
CPD 09-9 Charges for Restaking Rate [pdf] 08/13/2009  
CPD 09-5 Five Percent Limestone in Portland Cement [pdf] 05/27/2009
CPD 09-3 Small Business Utilization Report [pdf] 04/10/2009
CPD 09-2 Temporary Sales and Use Tax Increase -Assembly Bill 3 (Evans)[pdf] 04/02/2009  
CPD 09-1 District Director Determination of Claims (Evans)[pdf] 03/26/2009
Attachment 1 - Sample Certified Mail - Return Receipt Requested PDF Version Word Version
CPD 08-9 Hot Mix Asphalt Specifications Evaluation [pdf] 09/29/08  
CPD 08-8 Worker Certification Requirements [pdf] 09/11/2008  
CPD 08-7 Options for Meeting California Test 371 Requirements for Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt-Gap
Graded [pdf]
CPD 08-6 Cost Reduction Incentive Proposals [pdf] 08/29/2008  
CPD 08-5 Quality Management Work on the State Highway System [pdf] 08/20/2008
CPD 08-4 2009 Time Extension on Existing Variance for Aerially Deposited Lead [pdf] 07/28/2008  
CPD 08-3 Equipment Rental Rates Effective August 1, 2008 [pdf] 07/28/2008  
CPD 08-2 Pavement Asphalt Concrete Reporting System [pdf] 06/25/2008
CPD 08-1 Day After Thanksgiving - Nonworking Day [pdf] 02/29/2008  
CPD 07-4 2008 Time Extension on Existing Variance for Aerially Deposited Lead [pdf] 08/20/2007  
CPD 07-2 Portland Cement Specification [pdf] 02/23/2007 FHWA Blanket approval [pdf]
Sample CCO Memo [pdf]
Sample CCO [pdf]
CPD 06-11 Performance Graded Polymer Modified Asphalt [pdf] 11/21/2006 Attachment 1 [pdf]
Attachment 2 [pdf]
Attachment 3 CCO Memo [pdf]
Attachment 3 CCO Memo [doc]
Attachment 4 [pdf]
Attachment 4 [doc]
Attachment 5[pdf]
CPD 06-9 Change in Flare Gap in Flared Columns [pdf] 09/21/2006 Attachment 1 Sample CCO Memo form CEM-4903 [pdf]
Attachment 2 Sample CCO Form CEM-4900 [pdf]
CPD 06-7 Eliminate haunch detail for Type 1 Retaining Walls with safety barrier [pdf] 08/24/2006 DES Memo [pdf]
FHWA Blanket Approval[pdf]
Sample CCO Eliminate Haunch [pdf]
Sample CCO Memo[pdf]
CEM 4903 Word Copy [doc]
CPD 06-5 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program [pdf] 05/06/2006 Superseded by CPB 09-3
CPD 05-13 Effects of Assembly Bill 574, Recycled Concrete [pdf] 12/29/2005  
CPD 05-10 Performance Graded Paving Asphalt [pdf] 11/10//2005 Attachment 1 [pdf]
Attachment 2 [pdf]
Attachment 3 [pdf]
Attachment 4 [pdf]
CPD 05-8 Availability of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Documents to State Agencies and Public [pdf] 08/26/2005  
CPD 05-6 Construction's Role in the Development of the Division of Design's Storm Water Data Report [pdf] 07/28/2005  
CPD 05-5 Construction Policy Directive 05-5 Expiration of the Variance for Aerially Deposited Lead [pdf] 05/11/2005 Superseded by CPD 06-6
Attachment 1 [pdf]
CPD 05-4 Rescind CPD 03-8 (Reinforcing Steel Shortage) [pdf] 04/27/2005  
CPD 04-6 Application of the Tunnel Safety Orders [pdf] 05/10/2004 Attachment 1 [pdf]
CPD 04-1 Contractor Licensing [pdf] 04/15/2004 Attachment 1[pdf]
Attachment 2[pdf]
CPD 02-7 Water Pollution Control Inspections for Off-site Contractor Activities [pdf] 9/23/2002  
CPD 02-5 Traffic Signal And Lighting Poles [pdf] 4/22/2002 Attachment 1 [pdf]
Attachment 2[pdf]
CPD 02-4 Hazardous Materials Internet Information [pdf] 3/12/2002  
CPD 02-3 Damage Claim Standard Special Provisions (SSP) Revision [pdf] 8/23/2002  
CPD 01-14 Quality of Traffic Control Devices [pdf] 11/29/2001  
CPD 01-11 Hoisting Operations near Public Traffic and Pedestrians [pdf] 9/17/2001 Attachment 1 [pdf]
Attachment 2 [pdf]
CPD 01-05 Energy Crisis Contingency Planning [pdf] 7/2/2001 -
CPD 01-04 Respirator Work during Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC) and Performance Bond Asphalt (PBA) Paving [pdf] 7/3/2001 -
CPD 01-02 Industrial Work Order 16 and Assembly Bill 60 [pdf] 2/28/2001 -
CPD 01-01 Construction Contract Time [pdf] 2/28/2001 -
CPD 00-13 Revised SSP S5-170, "Dispute Review Board" [pdf]
New SSP S5-056, "Final Payment and Claims"
12/12/2000 SSP S5-170 [pdf]
SSP S5-056 [pdf]
CPD 00-11 Overtime Policy for Construction Employees [pdf] 9/27/2000 General Guidelines [pdf]
CPD 00-10 Contractor Contingency Plans [pdf] 8/22/2000 _
CPD 00-8.1 Addendum, Aerially Deposited Lead Variance [pdf] 9/20/2000 Attachment[pdf]
CPD 00-5 Clarifications to Differing Site Conditions Specifications [pdf] 5/23/00 _
CPD 00-3 Caltrans Test 360 - Surface Abrasion [pdf] 5/11/00 sample CCO memo[pdf]
sample CCO[pdf]
CPD 99-2 Compaction Requirements on Shoulders with Rumble Strips [pdf] 11/22/99 sample CCO memo [pdf]
sample CCO [pdf]