CPD 99-2, Supplement 1

January 26, 2000

CPD 99-2 directs the Resident Engineer to process a no cost/no credit CCO to:

"Delete the relative compaction requirements of Section 39-8.04, 'Compaction' of the Special Provisions for those areas in which a rumble strip is placed."


Since this CCO would be for a change in specifications, does it need to have HQ Construction Program approval?


No, the District/Regional CCO Desk is authorized to process this CCO in the District. This authorization supercedes the example CCO that was sent with CPD 99-2, in which the CCO Memo included a check mark in the ‘YES’ box for 'Headquarters Approval Required?'. Check the ‘NO’ box instead.

Posted by Doug Saathoff, Construction Program, 916-654-6020