California Department of Transportation

Reports Issued

Local Government Agency Reports

Report Status
FY 2013/14
Audit of City of Bakersfield, Div of Engineering, DPW, 3/18/14, P1590-374 N/A
Incurred Cost Audit County of Siskiyou, 2/12/14, P1575-026 In Process
Audit of Santa Clara County, Roads and Airports, 2/11/14, P1590-251 N/A
Audit of City of Garden Grove, 2/7/14, P2530-021 N/A
Audit of District 7, 1/30/14, P2515-021 N/A
Audit of District 5, 1/23/14, P2515-017 N/A
Pre-Award Audit of Lake County/City Area Planning Council, 1/17/14, P1580-019 N/A
Pre-Award Audit of Mendocino Council of Governments, 1/17/14, P1580-018 N/A
Incurred Cost Audit County of Shasta Public Works, 1/16/14, P1575-026 In Process
Incurred Cost Audit Transportation Agency for Monterey County, 1/15/14, P1580-016 In Process
Audit of Mendocino County, 1/10/14, P2520-024 N/A
Audit of District 8, 1/10/14, P2515-020 N/A
Audit of District 11, 1/10/14, P2505-045 N/A
Audit of City of San Marcos, 1/9/14, P2530-008 N/A
Audit of Los Angeles County, Dept. of Public Works, 1/9/14, P2540-018 N/A
Audit of Madera County Transportation Commission, 12/19/13, P1591-087 N/A
Audit of Plumas County, DPW, Road Fund Division FY10, 12/5/13, P1590-157 N/A
Audit of City of Walnut Creek, 11/22/13, P2530-015 N/A
Audit of Yuba County, 11/22/13, P2520-025 N/A
Audit of City of Elk Grove, DPW, 10/25/13, P2535-001 N/A
Audit of City of Long Beach, 10/21/13, P2710-015 N/A
Audit of City of Palmdale, 10/21/13, P2710-035 N/A
Audit of Marin County, 10/21/13, P2710-038 N/A
Audit of Madera County, 10/21/13, P2710-042 N/A
Audit of City of Roseville, Public Works Engineering Div., 10/14/13, P2530-006 N/A
Audit of Placer County, Community Development Resource Agency, 10/10/13, P1590-091 N/A
Audit of San Diego County, 10/9/13, P2530-004 and 005 N/A
Audit of Placer County, DPW, Engineering Division, 9/19/13, P1590-102 and P1590-138 N/A
Audit of Sacramento County, 8/20/13, P2710-008 N/A
Incurred Cost Audit County of Sacramento, Engineering Services, 8/20/13, P1575-022 In Process
Audit of City of Santa Rosa, 8/20/13, P2535-002 N/A