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Department of Transportation Division of Mass Transportation, MS #39
P.O. Box 942874 Sacramento, CA 94274-0001

PHONE: (916) 654-8811
FAX: (916) 654-9366
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Transit Research

DMT supports the Department’s strategic goals through our transit research activities and our involvement in non-motorized transportation, transit-oriented developments, smart growth, and livable communities. DMT reviews, develops, and recommends research proposals related to the enhancement of transit systems, equipment, and services throughout California. Funded by the Department, the research projects may include new technologies such as Intelligent Transportation Systems, Bus Rapid Transit, and Smart Card interoperability. In the non-motorized area, DMT is an active partner with other Caltrans divisions in promoting bicycling and walking as mainstream transportation choices, and encouraging safe access to public transit.

Transit Data Performance Measures and Reporting

DMT staff is currently administering a Transit Data Collection Study. When completed, this study will report on transit data currently being reported by transit operators, define transit terminology, and propose fields to capture relevant performance measures in the Division of Mass Transportation database. For more information contact Virginia Tomasian at (916) 654-6373.

Division of Mass Transportation Database

DMT is currently in the process of developing a statewide transit database. When completed, this program management tool is expected to be used for various reports and inquiries from customers and stake-holders. For more information contact Toni Clayborne at (916) 654-8347.


Updated: 05/17/07

California Department of Transportation