California Department of Transportation

Local Assistance Workshop

Project Delivery Workshop


The intent of the project delivery workshop is to review project delivery roles and responsibilities and best practices to ensure timely, effective project implementation.


Caltrans and the RTPA Group are partnering to provide a workshop to help MPOs and RTPAs prepare to support project sponsors in their efforts to deliver projects.


Proposed Agenda

1:00 PM – Introduction
1:05 PM – OA Management

    * Module 1:  Apportionment/OA
    * Module 2:  Working the Numbers
    * 10 Minute Break
    * Module 3:  August Redistribution, Loans, Rescission

3:15 PM – Overview of Allocation/Authorization
4:15 PM – AC Before Authorization
4:45 PM – Training Priorities
5:00 PM – End

Workshop Materials:

Here are the workshop materials that you will need to bring with you.  PRINTOUTS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED.  YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN (IF YOU WANT).  Of course, you may also follow along electronically via a laptop, tablet, etc.  The materials below are the PowerPoint slides for each presentation, a PDF printout of the slides (should you choose to print it out - 2 slides per page), applicable handouts, and the Excel worksheet (for the OA Management portion of workshop).  Please feel free to peruse at your convenience.  But also, please remember to BRING THE MATERIALS WITH YOU IN WHICHEVER FORMAT IS CONVENIENT FOR YOU TO USE.

When and Where

Thursday, May 17, 2018
1 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Following the May CTC Meeting)
Grand View Ballroom Doubletree Hotel Hotel Circle San Diego (Same location as CTC Meeting)
Watch it live:


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