California Department of Transportation

Local Bridge Seismic Safety Retrofit Program

Program Guidelines:

This page is a condensed version of the Chapter 7 (Seismic Safety Retrofit) of "Local Assistance Program Guidelines Manual". The complete chapter can be downloaded by following this link.

For general information regarding developing federal-aid and state funded local projects please refer to "Local Assistance Procedures Manual".

Program Funding

Local bridge retrofit projects developed under the Seismic Safety Retrofit Program (as defined below) are funded with 80% Federal Funds and 20% Local match. Reimbursable work include consultant selection, seismic analysis leading to strategy, environmental, right of way, PS&E, construction, construction engineering and local agency overhead.

Project Eligibility

This program is limited to those bridges that are determined to be Category 1, bridges that may collapse in a seismic event and potentially threaten public safety. Eligibility of a bridge is decided by a series of screening processes.

Lead Agencies

Three lead agencies were designated in the program as follows:

Los Angeles County:

lead agency for local bridges in Los Angeles County.

Santa Clara County:

lead agency for local bridges located within the unincorporated portion of the county.


lead agency for all local bridges in California, except Los Angeles County and the unincorporated portion of Santa Clara County.

A lead agency inspects all publicly owned bridges for which it is the lead agency and assesses the need for seismic retrofit work. For each bridge which is determined that seismic structural deficiencies exist, the lead agency or the bridge-owning agency then develops a retrofit project. Projects are developed using the information gathered during the screening phase and other criteria established by the lead agencies.

Major Steps in Developing Seismic Retrofit Projects

Listed below are the most common steps for seismic retrofit projects. Some projects may require more or less steps dependent on the specific projects.

  • Programming
  • Field Review
  • Retrofit Strategy Study
  • Environmental Study
  • Retrofit Strategy Meeting
  • Retrofit Design PS&E
  • Construction

See the Local Assistance Procedures and Local Assistance Program Guidelines manuals for detail.

Questions regarding the Seismic Retrofit Program? Contact your District Local Assistance Engineer or e-mail Program_Coordinator
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