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Sample Federal-aid highway construction contract documents using Caltrans Standard Specifications are available from this web page. This sample includes a Notice to Bidders & Special Provisions, as well as a sample Bid. These documents are in the May 2006 US Customary Units. They are edited versions of the Caltrans, Office Engineers, Standard Special Provisions and contract documents which are used for Caltrans highway construction contracts.

The Local Assistance Procedures Manual ( LAPM ) contains information regarding the use of these provisions, including the required Federal provisions. Please refer to the LAPM prior to using the provisions.

Please note the following disclaimers:

  1. The sample Notice to Bidders & Special Provisions and the Bid is intended to cover most Federal-aid highway construction contracts in conjunction with Caltrans Standard Specifications. Some editing will be required as necessary for your specific project. More extensive editing will be required if standard specifications other than Caltrans' are used.
  2. The contract documents contain many non-Federal provisions that are based on Caltrans' interpretation of State Contract law and requirements, and on Caltrans policies, which may not apply to local agency projects. Instructions provided at the beginning of each section are subject to this same disclaimer.
  3. These contract documents do not reflect any local contract law that may be applicable to the local agency project.
  4. Caltrans does not take responsibility for any error or misinterpretation which arises as a result of local agency's edited version of these contract documents.
By accessing the following, the user agrees to the disclaimers.

Sample Bid
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