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SR2S Program Delivery Status Report

In an effort to improve the delivery of SR2S projects, the Office of Bridge and Safety Programs (OBSP) has developed SR2S program delivery requirements and program/project summary reports for each project. See the table, below, for the summary reports. For additional information, read the SR2S Program Delivery Requirements.

Local agencies with on-going SR2S projects should check and monitor the delivery status of each of their projects by opening the “Overall Program Status” report. This report shows the expected delivery milestone dates for each project and its current financial status including CWA.  For CWA requirements including timeline for approval**, refer to the CWA website at

**Please Note:  Agencies should anticipate a 9 month process for CWA determination and plan accordingly.


Report Period

State legislated Safe Routes to School Program (SR2S)

As of 10/13/2016

Currently being updated. For project specific questions contact Mary Hartegan (916) 653-6930


These reports will be updated quarterly.

If you have questions or notice any errors in the data, please contact your District Local Assistance Engineer.

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