California Department of Transportation


Caltrans Process Review Program

As outlined in Chapter 1 and 2 of the Local Assistance Procedures Manual, Caltrans has provided local agencies with broad delegation, latitude and responsibility for developing their Federal-aid projects. In order for Caltrans to fulfill their roles and responsibilities for the local assistance Federal-aid program, as outlined, Caltrans will use the process review as the main method for determining if local agencies are in compliance with all Federal-aid laws, regulations, and procedures. The process reviews will be used to evaluate all aspects (including Title 23 requirements) of the local agencies Federal-aid program and to improve local assistance procedures.

The goal of all individual process reviews is for Caltrans to demonstrate that requirements imposed by the Federal and State governments are being met and that proper procedures are performed by the administering agencies.

The purpose of Caltrans Process Review Program is to maintain a continual process to improve local assistance procedures for a more efficient and effective Federal-aid and State funded local assistance program.

Listed below are the Process Reviews that Caltrans Division of Local Assistance has completed to date: 

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