California Department of Transportation

Highway Bridge Program (HBP)

Current HBP Listings

These listings are to be used by MPO's, RTPA's and Caltrans District Programming Offices to develop the Local Assistance HBP and Seismic Program components of the FTIP/FSTIP.

Updates are provided to allow amendments to the FTIP/FSTIP.

Updated Project Files - as of 03/29/2018

List of individually listed and grouped projects deleted by MPO

List of projects with toll credits by MPO

Select MPO:- - as of 03/29/2018

Rural Non-MPO areas of the State

Prior HBP FSTIP Listings, replaced by the lists above.

Initial proposed lists to establish the 2006/7 - 2008/9 FSTIP   —   3/23/2006 data

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May 4, 2018