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Local Assistance Announcement Archive

SR2S Cycle 10 Call for Projects - Applications due March 30, 2012

2012 Discretionary Grant Programs Award Solicitation

SRTS - Cycle 3 Approved Project List

HSIP - Cycle 4 Approved Project List

BTA 2011-12 Call For Projects - Applications due March 18, 2011

2010/2011 Approved Cycle 9 SR2S Final Project List 10/20/10

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) -"Recovery Funds" - Monthly Delivery and Monthly Activity Reports 9/15/10

2010/2011 EEM Call for Projects 09/02/10

DLA Office Bulletin 10-09 "Use of Toll Credit" and "Caltrans Toll Credit Policy" 07/07/2010

A&E Consultant Survey Frequently Asked Questions 06/10/2010

2010/2011 SR2S Call for Projects 04/15/10

Division Chief's letter (02/02/2010) to RTPAs on implementation of SB 286 (Use of the Conservation Corps) for Transportation Enhancement Project Selection for the 2010 STIP 3/03/10

Division Chief's letter (09/03/2009) to RTPAs regarding implementation of SB 286 For Recovery Act Transportation Enhancement Funds 11/04/09

Division Chief's letter (07/06/2009) to RTPAs regarding implementation of SB 286 For Transportation Enhancement Funds. 11/04/09

Title VI Public Participation Forms are new available 10/26/09

Local Agency Allocation Request Letters for the Proposition 1B "Formula" and "Competitive" State Local Partnership Programs (SLPP). 10/06/09

2010-11 Approved Bicycle Transportation Account Projects 11/09/10

AASHTO Draft Uniform Audit & Accounting Guide 09/21/09

New Office Bulletin of Division of Local Assistance 08/17/09

ARRA Projects Subject to Section 1554 Special Contracting Provisions 08/05/09

Local Agency Projects Authorized 07/09/09

Interim Construction Oversight Plan 06/04/09  

Caltrans has partnered with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to help California small businesses bid on construction projects 06/01/09  

Local Assistance Announcements Archive. 12/30/09


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