California Department of Transportation

Quarterly Review of Inactive Projects
Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is an inactive project?
  2. What projects are subject to inactive quarterly review?
  3. What are the roles of the Local Agency in managing inactive projects?
  4. What are the roles of the DLAE in managing inactive projects?
  5. What are the roles of the DLA in managing inactive projects?
  6. Why is it important for Local Agencies to manage their inactive projects?
  7. How would Local Agencies prevent their projects from being in the inactive list?
  8. How is the inactive project list generated?
  9. How can a specific Agency be filtered from the inactive project list quarterly review report?
  10. Why do some projects have multiple lines in the inactive project list?
  11. Can District Local Assistance Engineer (DLAE) or Division of Local Assistance (DLA) take a project off the list?
  12. Who should Local Agency contact for inquiries regarding the inactive project and inactive list?
  13. When does the Local Agency need to submit a justification form?
  14. What are the steps in filling out the justification form?
  15. To whom do the Local Agencies submit the justification form?
  16. How can Local Program Accounting Project Status be identified?
  17. Where would Local Agencies check the status of submitted invoice?
  18. Who should Local Agency contact for any invoice inquiries?
  19. If project is completed, what does Local Agency need to do?
  20. What projects are excluded from the inactive projects quarterly review list?
  21. Are Emergency Relief (ER) projects included in the quarterly review?
  22. How can incorrect AUTH DATE be corrected?
  23. What are the definitions of FHWA status review comments?
  24. What are the most commonly used acronyms associated with inactive projects?