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Project Categories

  1. Highway Landscaping and Urban Forestry: These projects are designed to offset vehicular emissions of carbon dioxide through planting of trees and other suitable plants. Projects may be within or outside the right-of-way of a related transportation facility. Reimbursement of grant funds on public road right-of-way for plant material is limited to trees. 

  2. Acquisition of Resource Lands: This category includes the acquisition, restoration or enhancement of resource lands that protect or enhance ecosystem watershed or other statewide natural resources priorities. These lands mitigate the loss of, or the detriment to, resource lands laying within or near the right-of-way acquired for transportation improvements.

  3. Roadside Recreation: These projects provide for development of roadside recreational opportunities such as, roadside rests, scenic overlooks, sno-parks, trails, trailheads, and parks. 

  4. Mitigation Projects: Projects to mitigate the impact of proposed transportation facilities or to enhance the environment, where the ability to effectuate the mitigation or enhancement measures is beyond the scope of the lead agency responsible for assessing the environmental impact of the proposed transportation improvement.




Contact the Statewide Coordinator, Mary Burns at (916) 653-6930

Division of Local Assistance, Office of Special and Discretionary Programs


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