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Program Information

Applicants are not required to be Transportation or highway related organization to submit an application and receive funding.

Applicants may apply for these funds to undertake environmental enhancement and mitigation projects which are directly or indirectly related to the environmental impact of modifying existing transportation facilities, or for the design, construction or expansion of new transportation facilities. The related transportation facility must be modified or constructed in 1990 or later and the EEM project must be over and above the required mitigation for the related transportation project.

All participating cost incurred on a project are funded in arrears on a reimbursement basis of the states proportionate share of actual costs. No matching funds or cost shares from the applicant or other funding sources are required to apply for an EEM grant. However, projects that include the greatest proportion of other monetary sources of funding will be rated highest. Grants are generally limited to $350,000.00.


Local Assistance Program Guidelines:



Contact the Statewide Coordinator, Mary Burns at (916) 653-6930

Division of Local Assistance, Office of Special and Discretionary Programs


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