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Discretionary Programs

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Discretionary programs represent special funding categories where Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) solicits for candidates and selects projects for funding based on applications received. Each program has its own eligibility and selection criteria that are established by law, regulation, or administratively. Congress created the Discretionary Grant Programs to give FHWA the latitude to support projects that maintain the nation's roads and bridges, improve roadway safety and make communities more livable. The FHWA administers the Discretionary Programs through its various offices and with the assistance of each State's transportation department. Information on each of these programs and Recent Awards are available on the FHWA Discretionary website.

The  Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) eliminated twelve discretionary programs, including Ferry Boats Discretionary (FBD), Highways for Life Demonstration Program (HfL) (here there was one last FFY 2013 Solicitation), Innovative Bridge Research & Development (IBRD), Interstate Maintenance Discretionary (IMD), National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation (NHCBP), Public Lands Highway Discretionary (PLHD), Transportation, Community and System Preservation (TCSP), etc, i.e., beyond FFY 2012 there will not be any solicitations. Note that discretionary funds provided via prior FHWA awards and not yet allocated still remain available for use in accordance with the submitted FHWA accepted applications and with the federal requirements contained in the respective prior years Discretionary Grant Programs Information.

Discretionary/Special Programs Listing


DLA-OSDP DLA Discretionary Programs/Special Programs

Ferry Boat Discretionary (FBD) (local highway system projects)
Forest Highways (FH) Program-- Please visit FLAP for information
Interstate Maintenance Discretionary (IMD) (State Highway System projects being implemented by local agencies)
National Corridor Infrastructure Improvement Program (NCIIP)
National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation (NHCBP)
Projects of National and Regional Significance (PNRS)
Public Lands Highways Discretionary (PLHD) (local highway system projects & State Highway System projects being implemented by local agency)
Transportation, Community and System Preservation Program (TCSP)
Transportation Improvements (TI)

Local Contacts:
District Local Assistance Engineers
Discretionary Program Coordinator, Division of Local Assistance, Office of Special and Discretionary Programs

Non DLA Discretionary Programs

Coordinated Border Infrastructure (CBI) (Federal Resources Office, Division of Budgets)
Ferry Boat Discretionary (FBD) (State Highway System projects) (Federal Resources Office Division of Budgets)

To report any difficulty experienced in accessing Caltrans programs, services or activities or any discriminations covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act or the Fair Employment and Housing Act, please contact us at (866)810-6346 Voice; 711 TTY; (916)653-3055 Fax.