California Department of Transportation

Enhanced Landscape Planting (ELP) Demonstration Program

The California Department of Transportation (Department) has created the Enhanced Landscape Planting (ELP) Demonstration Program to implement a public-private partnership opportunity which allows others to provide for the improvement and maintenance of existing highway landscaping and/or non-landscaped portion of the State highway right-of-way.  This program will assist the Department in protecting the scenic quality of highways within California, while reducing state expenditures for roadside maintenance.

Modeled after the Adopt-A-Highway Program, the ELP Demonstration Program provides the opportunity for the private sector or governmental agencies to install and maintain highly detailed plantings of shrubs, ground covers and annual and perennial flowers on one-quarter (¼) acre to a maximum of one-half (½) acre of the highway roadside.  In addition ELP sponsors will maintain a minimum of three acres of existing highway landscaping, or non-landscaped area.  The Department will recognize the contribution of others by the placement of a recognition sign on the roadside in the vicinity of the ELP site.

ELP partnerships will assist the Department in protecting slope stability, water quality and overall highway corridor aesthetics.  New plantings within the roadside will conform with existing landscape themes and acknowledge the need to conserve California’s precious water resources.  Careful plant selection, use of the latest irrigation technology, and stringent water management techniques will provide for an attractive roadside not possible with limited state resources. In addition to maintenance of roadside planting, two of the most common roadside blights; litter and weeds, will be maintained by the ELP partner.  

Successful ELP implementation will provide for the improvement of California’s roadsides, without creating a monetary burden for the Department.

 The ELP demonstration program is available through March of 2011, at which time the Department will evaluate the program to determine if it warrants continuation.

Click here to read the Enhanced Landscape Program Guidelines.

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For more information on the Enhanced Landscape Planting Program, please contact Keith Robinson at (916) 654-6200.