California Department of Transportation

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AASHTO Specifications for Compost and Erosion Control

Erosion and Sedimentation Control

Use of Compost to Stabilize Steep Slopes and Prevent Erosion and Sediment Control

EPA Stormwater BMP Toolbox

Please take note that the current Caltrans compost specifications align very closely with the US EPA specifications below.

Compost Blankets

Compost Filter Socks

Bioretention (Rain Gardens)

Vegetative Biofilters Three different types of vegetated biofilter BMP types have been identified and are described in this manual. These include:

  1. Grass swales
  2. Vegetated filter strips
  3. Bioretention cells

Please note that this report does recommend adding 10-20% composted organic matter, but it is unclear if the pollutant removal test results included these amendments.

Compost/Soil Amendment Specification Notice how these specifications closely align with Caltrans compost specifications

EPA - General

Compost Use on State Highway Application Funded by EPA, the Composting Council Research and Education Foundation (CCREF), in conjunction with the United States Composting Council (USCC) developed this document to promote compost use on state and local ‘roadside’ applications.

Erosion Control (LID) CenteR

Bioretention Specification Provided for general information only. A detailed specification regarding the soil properties best suited for biofiltration or infiltration.


TxDOT Item 161 Compost Specification

TxDOT Powerpoint Compost Presentation

Landscape Architect Specifications for Compost Utilization

LA Compost Specs This document is notable for its "Compost Nutrient Loading Estimator." This tool allows you to calculate the amount of compost to add to provide the correct amount of plant-available nitrogen. See highlighted sections.