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Blue Star Memorial Highways

Bluestar Memorial Highway Sign


After World War II, a nationwide movement was started to pay tribute to the nation's armed forces, by designating various State and national routes as "Blue Star Memorial Highways." In 1945, the National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc. approved the Blue Star Memorial Highway Marker program. California Garden Clubs, Inc. accepted the program in 1947, when the California Legislature designated Highway 40 (now Route 80) and Highway 99.



Caltrans will cooperate with the California Garden Clubs, Inc. in erecting and maintaining appropriate memorial markers on highways the California Legislature has designated as Blue Star Memorial Highways. See Figure 3 for a list of designated highway segments.




The Landscape Architecture Program is responsible for coordinating the Blue Star Memorial Highway program. The Transportation System Information Program, Office of Highway System Engineering, maintains a log of designated highway segments. This log is available in 2007 Named Freeways, Highways, Structures and Other Appurtenances in California, pages 203-206, Blue Star Memorial Highways, and electronically at Legislative Affairs, if requested, will assist the California Garden Clubs, Inc. with preparation of draft legislative resolutions.


The district is responsible for assuring that the location of a proposed marker is within a designated segment of highway, and for approving the actual site.

The district will assume the administrative costs associated with the project, including processing permits and, if required, staff assistance and traffic controls.

An encroachment permit is required. However, because these markers designate memorial highways authorized by Legislative resolutions, the district will not charge a permit fee.


Highways are designated as Blue Star Memorial Highways by the California Legislature. It is the responsibility of the California Garden Clubs, Inc. to initiate and sponsor Legislative resolutions through their local legislators.

The permittee is responsible for the cost of all labor and materials involved in providing and installing the marker, as well as any modifications required to the facilities to accommodate the marker.

If a marker is vandalized or accidentally damaged, the permittee is responsible for its restoration, replacement or removal.



Location of Markers

Markers will only be erected on highway segments that the Legislature has designated as Blue Star Memorial highways.

On designated highway segments with safety roadside rest areas, markers should be placed in rest areas.

On designated highway segments without rest areas, markers will be placed at vista points, historical sites, or other appropriate areas approved by the district.

The district will work with the California Garden Clubs, Inc. in identifying an appropriate site, determining if planting is desirable, and to coordinate the project. Other than a marker, features such as paving, benches or signs, will not be permitted.

Placement of markers must consider the effect of the proposed marker on routine roadside maintenance activities, traffic flow and the maintainability of the marker without interference to traffic.


The district will perform minor maintenance activities associated with the markers, such as litter pickup and other maintenance that is normally associated with the involved facility or right of way.

Caltrans will not be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the marker. If a marker is vandalized or accidentally damaged, the district will consult with the permittee concerning its restoration, replacement, or removal.

Dedication Ceremony

The California Garden Clubs, Inc. normally conduct a dedication ceremony at the site after a marker has been erected. A representative from the district should attend this ceremony to accept the marker.


Blue Star Memorial Highway Contact Information

Lori Butler, Statewide Coordinator
Landscape Architecture Program
1120 N Street, MS 28,
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 654-5151,
Dahlia Persoff, District 7
Landscape Architecture
100 South Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 897-0975.
(213) 897-0436,
Ron Flory, Districts 1 and 2
Landscape Architecture
1031 Butte Street
Redding, CA 96001
(530) 225-3109,
FAX (530) 225-3230
Ray Desselle, District 8
Landscape Architecture
464 W. Fourth Street, MS 1062
San Bernardino, CA 92401-1400
(909) 383-4529,
FAX (909) 383-6494
T. Chris Johnson, District 3
Landscape Architecture
703 B Street (PO Box 911)
Marysville, CA 95901
(530) 741-4436
FAX (530) 741-4127
Jim Hibbert, District 9
Landscape Architecture
500 South Main Street
Bishop, CA 93514
(760) 872-0783
Susan Aldrich, District 4
Landscape Architecture
111 Grand Avenue (P.O. Box 23660)
Oakland, CA 94623-0660
(510) 286-4211,
Brad Cole , District 10
Landscape Architecture
2015 E. Shields Avenue, Suite 100
Fresno, CA 93726-5428
(559) 230-3146,
Corby Kilmer, District 5
Landscape Architecture
50 Higuera Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 542-4679
Stephen Alvarez, District 11
Landscape Architecture
4050 Taylor Street
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 688-2542
Elbert Cox, District 6
Landscape Architecture
2015 E. Shields Avenue Suite 100
Fresno, CA 93726-5428
(559) 230-3146,
Eric Dickson, District 12
Landscape Architecture
3337 Michelson Drive, Suite CN380
Irvine, CA 92612-1699
(949) 724-2814

Updated: November, 2013