California Department of Transportation

Highway Barrier Aesthetics

Textured Concrete Barrier - San Luis Obispo

California Highway Barrier Aesthetics Report

This report will familiarize designers with current barrier design options, and encourage appropriate aesthetic considerations to develop visually pleasing

Textured Barriers - Introduction

Textured Barriers Final Report (Part 1)

Textured Barriers Final Report (Part 2)

Federal Concurrence Letter
Letter from the Federal Highway Administration to California Department of Transportation that approves the use of various textures and patterns on concrete highway barriers.


Aesthetic Bridge Rails and Barriers

A Reference Guide for Transportation Projects in the Coastal Zone

Bridge Railing Aesthetics

Bridge Rails and Barriers, A Reference Guide for Transportation Projects in the Coastal Zone

This document describes see-through vehicular bridge rails and barriers approved for use on bridges in California. Specifically, this document highlights bridge rails and barriers favored by the California Coastal Commission due to their aesthetic qualities and their ability to preserve scenic views. But note that these see-through bridge rails and barriers offer similar benefits beyond the Coastal Zone as well.

This document is a living document, and will be updated on a regular basis - demonstrating new barrier and rail types, additional pedestrian or bicycle rail attachments, and improved aesthetic features such as new colors and textures.

Aesthetic Barrier Guidance

Bridgerail Toolbox

Online Guide to Bridge Railings by AASHTO-AGC-ARTBA Joint Committee Subcommittee on New Highway Materials

Plans and Details

Plan sheets of textures that passed National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 350 performance criteria, test level 3. These include a section and elevation of a Concrete Barrier Type 60 with various textures that comply with Federal Concurrence Letter dated December 20, 2002.

Aesthetic Treatment Details (Metric Units PDF)

Aesthetic Treatment Details (English Units PDF)

Fact Sheets and Reports

Fact Sheet for Barrier Aesthetics
Information about texture, coloring, and innovative construction.

Caltrans First Textured Barrier - Stacked Stone Formliner
Information about California's first textured concrete barrier on State Route 1 in Carmel

Textured Barrier Type 60 - Random Stone Slip Form
Information about a slip form concrete barrier on State Route 1 in San Luis Obispo County

NCHRP Report 554 - Aesthetic Concrete Barrier Design
This report contains guidelines for aesthetic treatment of concrete safety shape barriers.
The report will be of particular interest to design and safety practitioners with responsibility for roadside safety improvements.


Aesthetic Guardrail Product Information

Highway Safety Features New Products Committee (HSFNPC) Approves New Roadside Safety Products
Including Steel Backed Timber Guard railing