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The environmental process, although complex and fluid, is an integral part of the project development process. Caltrans policy is to evaluate the environmental benefits and consequences of its activities and implement practices that minimize environmental impacts; a systematic interdisciplinary approach is used to identify and evaluate environmental issues and problems.The resulting documentation can take many forms, depending upon the laws and regulations under consideration and the complexity of the impacts.

The most direct conduit to information about a particular environmental document is to contact the individuals listed at the front of the publication. Typically these individuals are the authors or editors of the document. Alternatively, you could contact the District Environmental Branch.

The Environmental Management Office assists district staff in the preparation of environmental documents.

Refer to the Standard Environmental Reference for more information.

  • The Historic Property Survey Report (HPSR) forms have been updated to include NEPA Delegation language. Please use the new forms on the internet rather than earlier versions saved on your computer.
  • The Environmental Management Office has updated the CE Checklist to update the dollar amounts for CEs under 23 CFR 771.117(c)(23) "Projects with limited federal assistance."
  • The Division of Environmental Analysis is EXTREMELY happy to announce that NEPA Assignment has been reinstated and the MOU is in effect immediately! Updates to the SER include the removal of the PCE Form and Checklist, reposting of the original CE/CE Form and Checklist, reposting of an updated SER Chapter 38, reposting of the original Blank PEAR Form and Blank Mini-PEAR Form, and updates to DEA's NEPA Assignment internet page.
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