DEA Accomplishments in 2017

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Advance Mitigation

SB -1 established the Advance Mitigation Account and Program in our Streets and Highway Code that is a revolving fund in perpetuity of a minimum of $120 M that is focused on establishing mitigation in advance of transportation projects to accelerate project delivery. The upcoming year will see Caltrans continuing to partner with resource agencies to develop processes that support implementation of the Advance mitigation program.

Fish Passage

Fish Passage Advisory Committees (FishPACs) are multi-agency, multi-discipline efforts that highlight partnering between agencies towards a common goal of prioritizing and addressing barriers on our system to fish.  In fiscal year 16/17, working with agency partners and non-profit groups new FishPACs were formed in District 4 and in Southern California (Districts of 7, 11 and 12).  In the 17/18 FY, additional FishPACs were formed in the Central Valley and Central Coast.  These FishPACs join those already existing in Caltrans Districts 1 and 2, bringing the total to 6 across the State. 

NEPA Assignment FY 16/17

NEPA Assignment from FHWA to Caltrans was extended for several more years by actions taken in the 16/17 fiscal year.  The effort to continue NEPA Assignment began before the 16/17 fiscal year, with Caltrans signing the USC 326 MOU with FHWA CA Division on May 31, 2016. Caltrans signed the USC 327 MOU with FHWA HQ on December 23, 2016.  A waiver of sovereign immunity legislation was passed on March 29, 2017 and NEPA Assignment was reinstated on March 30, 2017.

Lean 6 Sigma for 1600 permits

Caltrans and Department of Fish and Wildlife have partnered on a lean 6 sigma effort that will implement process improvements to streamline Caltrans permit application submittals and improve acceptance rates on 1600 permits.  The implementation phase began in the last fiscal year.  Rollout to the Districts and monitoring will occur in the 17/18 fiscal year.

Coastal Commission Partnering Agreement FY 16/17 and Continued Efforts in FY 17/18

Caltrans and the California Coastal Commission entered into a Partnering Agreement on March 13, 2017, to improve agency partnering on projects in the coastal zone. An integrated planning framework was developed and is in the early stages of implementation.

 Annotated Outlines

 The Environmental Management Office released the updated Environmental Document Annotated Outlines as well as an updated Environmental Document Review Checklist.

Stormwater Program

  • Completed the Fiscal Year 2016-17 year –end report and the program continues to work with the State Water Resources Board on the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit that will be renewed in 2018.
  • New Best Managed Practices both structural engineered control devices and systems that   treat polluted stormwater and will assist Caltrans in obtaining compliance units required by the permit.
  • Caltrans Cooperative Implementation Agreement (CIA) helped fund the Bolivar Park Water Capture and Reuse Facility in Lakewood, CA. This project is an underground water capture facility to capture runoff from approximately 3,220 acres and infiltrate and/or reuse the water for irrigation.

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