California Department of Transportation


California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) staff working out of the Bishop office are responsible for the identification, initiation, development and construction of transportation projects on the State Highway System in Inyo, Mono and Eastern Kern Counties. In addition, the Caltrans District 9 Local Assistance Office is responsible for providing Federal and State funding to local agencies in Inyo, Mono, and Eastern Kern Counties for the development and construction of transportation projects on their local street and road system.

In District 9, projects are mostly funded through one of the following programs: State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), State Highway Operations and Protection Plan (SHOPP), Minor Program, Local Assistance Program and Maintenance Program.

Information on current projects can be obtained from the District 9 Status of Projects. The Status of Projects is periodically updated to reflect the most current project information. The following links provide the status of projects for the described area within District 9:

The Project Manager associated with each project is listed should you have any comments or questions.

  • Capital Program Projects - Brian McElwain, Minor Project Manager (760) 872-4361
  • Capital Program Projects - Cedrik Zemitis, Minor Project Manager (760) 872-5250
  • Local Assistance Program Projects - Forest Becket, Office Chief for Local Assistance (760) 872-0681
  • Maintenance Program Projects - John Fox, Maintenance Program Manager (760) 872-5207