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State Route 99

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State Route 99 Goshen to Kingsburg Widening Project

The project will add lanes to increase the capacity of the freeway to accommodate current and future traffic volumes on State Route 99 which are expected to double between the years 2010 and 2040. This project is consistent with the Route Concept, the Interregional Transportation Strategic Plan, the Route 99 Business Plan, the Corridor System Management Plan, and the Tulare and Fresno Regional Transportation Plans. It continues the objective of widening all of State Route 99 to a minimum of a six- lane freeway throughout the San Joaquin Valley.


State Route 99 Goshen to Kingsburg Widening Project and Public Information


News Release - April 1, 2011 - New Highway Widening Project To Bring Traffic Congestion Relief To Highway 99

Project Fact Sheet | PDF Icon Adobe Acrobat 251KB