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Central Region Environmental Documents


Studies and Projects

State Route 145 Intersection Improvement Project Logo

State Route 145 Intersection Improvement Project

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) proposes to improve the intersection of State Route 145 and Jensen Avenue (post mile 32.8/33.4) one-half mile south of the Kerman city limits in Fresno County, California. Read more…


State Route 180 Braided Ramps Logo

State Route 180 Braided Ramps Project

The proposed project would construct new braided branch connections between State Routes 41, 180, and 168 to improve traffic operations, reduce congestion, and enhance traffic safety within freeway-to-freeway interchanges. Along the proposed new branch connections, two new separate structures would be constructed and the existing First Street undercrossing would be widened. Read More...


State Route 180 Logo

State Route 180 Westside

State Route 180 (SR 180) is an east-west two-lane highway that now begins in Mendota in the west at State Route 33 (SR 33) and connects communities on the west side of Fresno County with the city of Fresno, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks in the Sierra Nevada to the east. An approximate 20-mile gap exists between Interstate 5 (I-5) and the western limit of SR 180 at SR 33. A connection to I-5 remains a high priority of both regional agencies and local municipalities, including Fresno County.



Centennial Corridor Project Logo

Centennial Corridor Project - Bakersfield

Extending State Route 58 westward beyond State Route 99 is a concept which has been studied repeatedly. In the past decade two studies were completed – the 1991 Tier 1 SR 58 Route Adoption and the Bakersfield System Study. During both studies opposition to a Westside Parkway Connection resulted in the selection of alternatives that were more expensive and less practical. Because of limited funding none of the selected alternatives moved beyond the conceptual study.