California Department of Transportation

Contract 09-337704

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Q1) Where is Bid Item #42, "Structural Concrete, Bridge Footing" in the plans? In addition, the concrete quantities in Bid Item #41, "Structural Concrete", seems lacking and vague. Please confirm these bid items/quantities.

A1) "Structural Concrete, Bridge Footing" applies to the reconstructed wingwall and "barrier curb" concrete over the wingwalls (off the bridge). "Structural Concrete" applies to the reconstructed overhang and "curb" concrete on the bridge. Both items appear on plan sheets 47 and 50. 24Sep10.

Q2) What exactly are the concrete barrier pay limits? There is no construction joint allowed between the new overhang and curb, so that will be a single pour. Does the curb concrete still pay under Structural Concrete item? Or is the curb, post, and beam portion of the barrier all pay under the Concrete Barrier bid item?

A2) No construction joint is allowed below the "barrier curb" so this curb is poured as the same time as concrete below it (whether it's above wingwall or bridge overhang). As a result, the barrier curbs are paid in the items listed in #1 above. Only post and beam concrete will be covered by barrier pay items. 24Sep10.

Q3) Do the reconstructed wingwall portions also receive architectural treatment?

A3) YES - There will be an approximately 14" tall band of river rock treatment, running continuously -- 1st on bridge overhang with barrier curb and continuing off of the bridge with the wingwalls and barrier curb. Reference "Architectural Treatment" section detail on plan sheets 48 and 51. 24Sep10.