California Department of Transportation

Contract 09-336604

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Q1) On Cross Section X-1 it is not clear where the CIR ends. Is it the intent of the State to widen the roadway by excavating the edge of the roadway, leaving the excavation open, recycling the existing roadway and paving back to fill the excavation with recycled material? If this is the case then based upon the swell that is typical for CIR this should result in a profile in the widen areas at or slightly below the existing profile. It also appears based upon the cross section, that in some areas there is no excavation/widening proposed. In these areas the CIR will result in a slightly higher profile. Will the variable change in the road profile be acceptable provided smoothness is maintained? If not please clarify the intent.

A1) Your interpretation is correct, the placement of the CIP will be wider than the collection of the CIP in many locations. The change in profile resulting from this is not a concern, as long as the smoothness of the finished product meets specifications.