California Department of Transportation

Contract 06-432004

The responses to bidder's inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addendem to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder's inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.

Q1) Plant removal (Tree-12) will cost of removal fall under Clearing and Grubbing and not bid Item No. 20, “Highway Planting”? Or any other highway planting and irrigation bid item?

A1) Tree removal shall be included in clearing and grubbing per SSPs and per Section 16-1.03 of the Standard Specifications.

Q2) Will the wild flower area require the 60 days of watering?

A2) Wildflower seeding shall not require watering after sowing, only trash and debris removal and mowing per "Plant Establishment Work" on pg 151 in the Special Provisions.

Q3) Sheet No. 3 shows removal of concrete within ESA fence area. Will this also include removal of existing lawn area? Turf (seeded) area appears to include a turf area outside of ESA fence. Is this turf area only overseeded? If all “new turf” area is to be removed, will this be under clearing and grubbing, bid Item No. 18?

A3) ESA fencing is to limit work to the north and east of the removal and construction activities, fencing shall be removed as directed by the engineer as required for planting and seeding activities. All turf areas shall be applied per TURF (SEED) page 146 of the Special Provisions. In areas beyond the ESA fencing where no removal is permitted the contractor shall hydroseed over existing turf.

Q4) Root barrier dimensions are not given on detail sheet. Please indicate size required for this project, i.e. 2’x12” – 2’x18” – 2’x24” or other.

A4) Bid in accordance with the Contract Plans and Specifications.

Q5) Paragraph 4 refers me to Landscape Architect for review of sample of stones. None of my concrete suppliers do not have a source for the colored stones & recycled glass. Landscape Architect, Rick Cole, requested I ask Duty Senior for Caltrans' source for the stones in the referenced sample.

A5) Bidders can look up product samples on the internet or they can come into the District Office for literature/samples. Bidders can view samples of glass on the internet at / tumbled glass / cobalt blue. Bidders can also view samples of aggregate stones at / aggregates / gravels 1/4" to1/3" / green; and seaside pebbles/ green 1/2"-3/4".

Q6) Dwg. C-14 Seeded Aggregate Mix Chart shows 4 different aggregate mixes for 4 different bands. Dwg of (Curved Walkway) above Mix Chart shows layout of 4 different bands of seeded aggregate. Dwg. L-3 shows Seeded Aggregate Band (MC-9) as only the center portion of the curved walkway. Dwg. C-5, Construction Details, also calls out the center portion of the walkway as seeded aggregate. Dwg. C-6, Construction Details, also calls out the center portion as seeded aggregate. The configuration of these Dwgs. showing the seeded aggregate band is different than the configuration shown on Dwg. C-14. Is the entire curved walkway done in four bands of seeded aggregate or is just the center section of the curved walkway divided into four bands of seeded aggregate?

A6) "Seeded Aggregate Band" detail on C-14 shows a typical layout of the various aggregates within the Seeded Aggregate Band (center section) shown on all plans.

Q7) Pay item 46 calls for 26 parking bumpers. Sheet 27 of 169, PD-1, clearly shows 29 bumpers. How many bumpers are required for this project?

A7) Pay item #46 includes 26 parking bumpers for the standard parking stalls. The accessible and CHP parking stall bumpers are detailed on A0-102 sheet 55 of 169 and specified in Section 12 (page 172) of the Special Provisions, and paid under pay item #52.

Q8) Sheet 15 of 169 calls for 1.529m parking bumpers which are to be used for general parking. Sheet 55 of 169 calls for 1219mm (1.219m) parking bumpers to be used for handicapped & CHP stalls. Just to be clear, there are two different lengths of bumpers to be used?

A8) Bid in accordance with the Contract Plans and Specifications.

Q9) The 1.529m (5ft) parking bumpers are unavailable. Can 6ft or 4ft bumpers be substituted?

A9) Contractor to use 6' where specified for accessible parking. If 5' are not available, contractor may use 6' as specified on sheet 55 of 169.

Q10) Pay item 30 calls for 3 "Site Signs". In the lower right corner of sheet 54 of 169, there is a "Parking Entry Sign, See 3/A0-102" notation. I believe this to be a new sign. Sheet 55 of 169 shows this sign as well as a "CHP Only" sign and two "Disabled Parking Only" signs. By my count, that is four signs, Am I looking at the wrong pay item? Is one of the signs under a different pay item? Please clarify.

A10) Pay item #30 include "Site Signs" located by key "B" on L-3 and detailed on C-12. "Parking Entry Sign" "CHP Only" sign and two "Disabled Parking Only" signs as detailed on A0-102 and located per A0-101 shall be included in pay item #52.

Q11) There does not appear to be any pay items for the work within the circle on sheet 27 of 169. The stall striping outside of the the circle does add up to 180m as called for in the pay items. But there are no pay items for any other striping, marking or parking bumper work as would be required for the CHP and handicapped stalls. Please clarify.

A11) The accessible and CHP parking detail and all work involved shown on the detail on A0-102 sheet 55 of 169 and specified in Section 12 (page 172) of the Special Provisions, is paid under pay item #52.

Q12) Manufacturers of MTL siding?

A12) Please refer to Section 12-7.03 "METAL SIDING," of the contract Special Provisions, for product specifications to which any manufacturer must meet.

Q13) "Electrical drawings show fixture ""M"" recessed fixture. There is no fixture designation ""M"" in the spec book for this fixture."

A13) The fixture is called out in the specs on page 282 and on the plans on sheet EE1-2, the fixture type is F5. Reference sheet EE0-1 upper left corner of sheet. The toilet and CHP room on sheet EE1-2 show switches SF and SM on the wall. The switch types indicate Motion sensor wall switch and the "M" next to the fixture is the letter that "denotes that fixture is controlled by a similarly marked switch,..."

Q14) Columns are noted as 6x6 TS. What is the wall size?

A14) Refer to the Special Provisions, Section 12-5.01 "Structural Steel for Buildings", Part 2 - "Products".

Q15) Are all columns, tubes, beams, & purlins galvanized?

A15) Refer to the Special Provisions, Section 12-5.01 "Structural Steel for Buildings." Bid per the current contract bid documents.

Q16) There is building electrical and site electrical indicated on the plans. The costs for building electrical is included in item 53, building costs. What is the bid item for site electrical?

A16) All electrical shown on the "structures" plans sheets shall be paid under "building work" item #53.