California Department of Transportation

Contract 06-420504

The responses to bidder's inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addendem to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder's inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.

Q1) Are X-Sections available for this project?

A1) Cross-sections are available for this project at Airport Blue Print located at 4854 N. Blackstone, Fresno, CA 93726.

Q2) Please clarify the traffic handling plans TH-14 & TH-15. It appears that based upon the Section D-d on TH-14 and the match line on TH-15 that there should be k-rail between approx. Sta 394+75 and 396+20. None is shown and the TH Quantities don't reflect k-rail in this area.

A2) Refer to addendum No. 1.

Q3) The TH Quantities (THQ-2) don't show k-rail between Sta 423+89 and Sta 424+40. Note that on TH-22 there is k-rail shown between these stations.

A3) Refer to addendum No. 1.

Q4) Sheets TH-14 & TH-15 do not match each other. Sheet TH-15 shows the k-railing beginning at the match line of the sheet (sta 396+20), but does not show where it starts at on sheet TH-14. Also missing is the cross hatched section on sheet TH-14, It shows it starting at the match line on TH-15 (sta. 396+20) but does not show where it begins.

A4) Refer to addendum No. 1.

Q5) Should the time frame for work associated with the private canal be adjusted OR should the language in Section 4 be modified to ensure that the contractor can begin soon enough to meet the time constraints?

A5) Refer to addendum No. 1.

Q6) On Sheet TH-1 it shows a detour for a road closure of 180 to allow for construction of the bridge widenings. Then on sheets TH-10 to TH-12 the traffic handling plans shows using 1 way traffic control w/K-rail. Will a road closure be allowed as an alternate to 1 way traffic control and secondly, will the road closer be considered its own stage or will if be done in conjunction with stage 1?

A6) Refer to addendum No. 1.

Q7) On plan page 54 temp. drainage system No. 1A shows a pipe dimension of 450mm. Bid Item No. 4 calls for a 600mm temp. culvert. Which pipe size is correct for drainage system No. 1A?

A7) Refer to addendum No. 1.

Q8) On the Plans the existing asphalt lanes of Rte 180. It is not clearly explained if it is left in place or removed, prior to the new road way being constructed over the top of it. Please define what has to be done with the existing roadway.

A8) Refer to Standard Specifications, Section 19-6.01.

Q9) On the Plans the detour asphalt lanes of Rte 180. It is not clearly explained if it is left in place or removed, prior to the new road way being constructed over the top of it. Please define what has to be done with the existing roadway.

A9) Refer to Standard Specifications, Section 19-6.01.

Q10) What is the number of daily trains (passenger and/or freight)on the San Joaquin Valley Railroad tracks?

A10) Approximately one freight train per week at this location, no passenger trains.


A11) Refer to Standard Specifications, Section 19-6.01.

Q12) There is no pay item for Asphaltic Emulsion. Where will this item of work be paid for? Will it be protected under the oil index?

A12) Refer to Standard Specifications, Section 39-8.02.

Q13) Will the asphalt for existing highway and phase 1 detour need to be removed and or pulverized if it is more than .8 meters below finish grade.

A13) Refer to Standard Specifications, Section 19-6.01.

Q14) The traffic handling plan for stage 2 construction requires the closure of both S. San Benito Ave. & W. Panoche Rd. at the same time. The smaller diagrams on sheet TH-20 and Sheet TH-21 do no reflect this. Please clarify.

A14) Refer to addendum No. 1.

Q15) On Sheet SC-6, it shows a grind & overlay to the North of centerline and an overlay to the south of centerline. The cross section on sheet X-3 only shows an overlay. Please clarify the intended method of construction.

A15) Construct roadway as shown on sheet X-3.

Q16) On Sheet X-4, both cross sections call out to Cold Plane AC (120 mm Max). This work is not in the summary of quantities or covered in a bid item. Please clarify this scope of work and how it will be paid.

A16) Refer to sheet Q-3 and bid item No. 34.

Q17) Are asbuilt drawings available for existing bridges 42-0041, 42-0039 and 42-0040 and how can I get a copy?

A17) See Section 5-1.17 of the Special Provisions.

Q18) Section 5-1.27 Swallow Requirements state that two weeks notice must be given by the contractor in order to remove old swallow nests starting on February 15th and subsequently partial nests must be removed every 48 hours.

Who will perform this work prior to notice to proceed?

A18) The State will assume responsibility for this work prior to the notice to proceed.

Q19) Is there a limit to how many sequential days traffic can be routed to the detour on plan sheet TH-1 for the bridge removal and widening?

A19) Refer to addendum No. 1.

Q20) Can the detour per plan sheet TH-1 be in utilized day and night for the duration of the stage 1 bridge removals and widenings?

A20) Refer to addendum No. 1.

Q21) In the "Information Handout" there is a letter from the Army Corp. of Engineers which requires Caltrans to follow certain terms and conditions. Item #8 states that rip-rap at the Kings River Slough is to be removed and replaced with new rip rap. Will Caltrans self perform this work? If contractor is to perform this work, what item will it be paid under and what size & method of rip rap will be required?

A21) Bid it as you see it.

Q22) Are there any restrictions for the complete road closure of State Route 180 during construcion of the bridges (ie, days or nights, duration of closure, etc...). Will the holiday lane closure schedule be implemented during complete road closure?

A22) Refer to Addendum No. 1.

Q23) What is the location stationing of the inlet and outlet of the existing 2590 mm precast conc pressure pipe?

A23) Refer to plan sheet DP-5.

Q24) At approx. station 399+63 there is a "Welcome to Mendota" sign that is not clearly shown on the plans. Is this area clear of any construction work? If no, what needs to be done with the sign and lawn area?

A24) There are no items of work associated with this sign included in the contract.

Q25) The traffic handling plans call for thermoplastic to be used for temporary striping and markings. This thermoplastic will be placed on asphalt more than 6 months old. Is primer going to be required for per Standard Specifications (84-2.04) or will primer be waved for temporary striping? In our opinion, adhesion could be an issue if primer is not used. Applying primer in a construction zone will be difficult to keep clean. It would seem that 2-coat traffic paint would be more economical both by saving time and material costs.

A25) Temporary striping and markings are to be installed as per contract specifications.

Q26) For moving traffic control operations, does a truck mounted CMS used in the operation account for one of the two required on the project?

A26) Moving traffic control operations are to be implemented using Revised Standard Plan RSP T17.

Q27) In the Information Handout provided for this project, there is a letter, requesting certification for discharge of dredged and or/fill materials. In this letter it references Attachment #1, Projcet Information. The second page of this letter, which states the concerns and mitigations, only has print on the left half of the page. Can you please post or provide a copy of the complete page for review.

A27) Contact the Caltrans Office specified in the "Notice to Contractors" for any missing information not included in the Information Handout.

Q28) Please review the Structural Concrete, Bridge Quantity. We are coming up with a number more than 10% lerss than the bid quantity. Our takeoff matches on the two "overflow" bridges, but we are coming up almost 25% short of the 155 m3 (Lings Slough Bridge) shown on sheet 177. Please review.

A28) Bid it as you see it.

Q29) Is there any chance of a postponement of the bid opening for this project? It appears that there a number of yet to be answered questions. Thank you.

A29) No, the bid opening will not be postponed.

Q30) Special Provision section 10-1.01 Order of Work (Add#1) states the work on drainage system #3 and adjacent detour work scheduled for construction between March 17th and March 28th, 2008 will not be considered working days.

Per Special Provision (p122) section 4 Begining of Work, Time of Completion, and Liquidated Damages (1st paragraph) the contract time will not start until 55 days after contract approval, this in addition to a 30 day award period and 10 days for contract execution results in the first working day approximately June 25th, 2008.

Based on the above June 25th start date will the contractor be allowed access to construct drainage system #3 and adjacent detour after March 28th, 2008?

A30) The award process for this project will be expedited with an anticipated contract approval date in mid-March. That will allow the contractor to utilize the construction window for the private canal as noted in Addendum No. 1. Following this construction window the canal will contain water until early December 2008.

Q31) On sheet 146 (SQ-1) under the furnish 2.0mm it has all of the signs being unframed aluminum. I believe all of those signs should be framed as it seems like it would be very difficult to install an unframed sign of those sizes on two posts.

A31) Bid it as you see it.

Q32) Regarding the one way traffic on the three bridges during stage 1 construction, what type of traffic control devices will Caltrans require to control the traffic in the reversable portion of the lane closure?

A32) Refer to Section 10-1.21 of the Special Provisions.

Q33) Can pre-cast concrete box culverts be used for the 1520mm x 915mm RCB, 2135mm x 915mm RCB, and 2420mm x 1220mm RCB?

A33) Refer to Section 10-1.40 of the Special Provisions.

Q34) On Sheet DP-4 the plans specify a length, width and height for the warped wing walls that does not make sense. Can you please specify the correct lengths, widths and heights.

A34) Bid it as you see it.