California Department of Transportation

Contract 06-418714

The responses to bidder's inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addendem to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder's inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.

Q1) What diameter are these water wells? What type of material are the wells made of? Are the depths accurate on the plans or are they just the measured depth? What were these wells used for?

A1) Please refer to plan sheet L-2

Q2) Is there anything covering or obstruction the well at the surface that needs to be removed? If so what?

A2) The Department recommends, that the Bidder perform a site visit.

Q3) Is there anything inside the well like a pump or drop pipe? If so, what size/type?

A3) The Department recommends, that the Bidder perform a site visit.

Q4) What is the source for the TPH-d and TPH-O?

A4) Please refer to plan sheet C-2

Q5) Document reads: wells to be abandoned first on job site: question is, can we abandon 2-3 wells prior and use 3rd or 4th well for dust control purposes on job site?

A5) No, the wells must be abandoned in accodance with Kern County regulations. Water should not be used for dust control. Refer to the water polution prevention specification.

Q6) Is the existing PCC Pavement reinforced, and if so what is the reinforcement?

A6) The existing PCC is not reinforced.

Q7) Can a portable crusher be used on site?
Do wells need to be certified?

A7) The Portable Crusher is allowed as long as the dust control and the water pollution prevention specification is satisfied.

Q8) It appears after walking the job that there are cracks in the concrete at approx. 2' intervals, can you tell us if there is rebar in the concrete and if so what size?

A8) The existing PCC is not reinforced.